What People Say

I had the chance and privilege to get to know Willem - from Aquila Consult - as he facilitated a course on leadership for our senior management group at Lectra. His personality, experience and charisma stand out rapidly as he was able to coach and make our senior group seamlessly and naturally reflect on key areas for improvement of their management style.
I sincerely strongly recommend Willem's interaction and energy if you need a professional & proficient consultant to intervene on Leadership / Management / Sales Performance matters.
Mr. Eric Hubert, International Sales Director/VP


I was trained by Willem when joining the management ranks. I have had the ability and pleasure to provide my management team with the same positive experience since then. Willem is great in making people feel at ease in a training, to quickly adapt to circumstances or changing situations while sticking to the learning goals. The right balance of theory and relevant case studies/exercises make this a great and fun experience. Everybody, with no exception, comes back energized (and wants more).
Mr. Peter Sminia, COO


‘Great business understanding, empathy and drive give Monique the right tools to accomplish fantastic results. She connects easily with people and takes the best out of everybody. On the other hand she identifies weaknesses and improvement areas and helps people to fix it in a direct, but trustworthy and pleasant way’.


‘I was very fortunate to have taken Monique's Leadership Development class. Monique has a great personality and is an excellent teacher. She has a lot of experience in industries from around the world, and has numerous examples to back up her teachings. Monique makes you see leadership from different perspectives. You will definitely learn something from Monique’